June 23, 2024


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15 Best Elvish Translator Apps, Sites, and Dictionary

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elvish translator

Currently, there are many people in search of elvish translator tools to convert elvish to English. So if you have been looking for such tools to transcribe quotes or phrases and specific names into this language, then consider the below given list!

When we move to a new country, it is in normal to face plenty of challenges, and of course language is one of the primary barriers we face. Hence, one need not worry today, as there are multiple apps out there which help in the translation from one language to the other. There is other language specific app also, which are used for the conversion of a specific app.

Elvish is one of the common Middle-Earth languages which is primarily used for interaction amongst Elves. J.R.R.  In this article, you will learn about popular elvish to English translators. In the novels, the Elves are known for their mythology and fictional stories.

Such characters are widely popular after their work starts gaining recognition. For the English edition, you can use an elvish translator for novels such as The Hobbit and The Lord of Rings. Have a look at some of the best elvish translator apps, sites & dictionaries below and let us know us which one is your favorite.

elvish translator

15 Top Elvish Translator Sources That You can use for Free

#1. Runes

This app easily translates English to Elvish. Apple iOS users widely use this app. It constitutes a very easy user interface. The interface has three options such as Dwarf, Elvish as well as Medium.

#2. Elvis

This is one of the most preferred apps which can be used for translating action of any sentence or phrase to Elvish. This app provides proper assistance in forming sentences and translating them to elvish. This also makes the users aware of the lyrics being used in Elvish.

#3. Sindarin Dictionary

This app is used for translating English to Elvish. This dictionary benefits the users with some incredible features that no other translator can offer you. This app helps in both reading and writing in the language.

#4. Jens Hansen

This is one of the oldest apps used for the translation of English to Elvish language. This site helps in the translation of every kind of English phrase into the English language. Through this app, you can easily do the translation faster.

#5. The Rune Generator

With this tool, users can easily adjust the font colour, background colour as well as size. You can also get results in the form of images. This also helps in further translation from English to Elvish.

#6. Flamingo Elvish

The popular phrases, as well as quotes of Elvis language, can be kept in mind through this app. This app also constitutes a flashcard memorizer.

#7. AngelFire

If you’re a beginner, this app can be the perfect choice to translate from English to Elvis. This app is considered to be a web-based tool of translation that helps in translating the native language into Elvish without any hurdle.


In addition to above sources, you can prefer the below given list too. We have covered all small scale translator tool so you can translate the elvish in to English without any issue.

Well guys one thing i want to highlight that Google Translator won’t help in this as Google don’t offers the translation services in the Elvish. So I would recommend always prefer an online website or Andriod/iOS app. Here are some of the alternates that you can check and try for free.

  1. Learn Elvis Free
  2. Parf Edhellen
  3. Elfic – Elvish Translator
  4. Digiphile.info
  5. LingoJam
  6. Jenshansen
  7. Elfdict
  8. Fun Translations


The popularity of the Elvish language is touching heights currently. That’s why there’s an emergence of several translator tools, dictionaries as well as sites so that people can learn the language without any difficulty.

There is a wide range of translator tools that can help you. In this article, you will learn about some of such apps which can guide you about this language and help in other translations, as well as gain knowledge about its phrases and quotes. Learning a new language that offers new terms and words makes it quite an exciting hobby for dedicated learners.

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