July 24, 2024


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gtx 660 Drivers, Features, Performance and Price

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gtx 660

The gtx 660 (GeForce) is built for really fluid and fast 1080p/full HD gaming in the currently enabled games, including – DirectX 11 and NVIDIA PhysX. Geforce gtx 660 is all packed up with the Kepler features found around the flagship GTX 680 and is also known for delivering the apt power fusion, performance and at affordable rates.

gtx 660

4 Primary features of gtx 660 that makes it best

RT Cores

This is predominately dedicated RT (Ray Tracing) hardware that helps in enabling the real-time of the ray tracing, along with some physical shadows that are accurate, refractions, reflections, and also illumination that are global. The feature’s primary aim is to reflect the gtx 660 drivers’ overall authenticity by showing the physical attributes.

Tensor Cores

Currently, we are all aware that artificial intelligence has taken over the market. Although earlier,r it was more primarily used in the business world to make use of the extensive data, give out proper analysis, and make sense, it has slowly moved into the gaming world. Nvidia gtx 660 is one of the biggest shows down, claiming the popularity of artificial intelligence in gaming.

It has been a while since the gamers have been experiencing the concept of artificial intelligence, as it helps in overall enhancing the whole experience. Turning is responsible for bringing all the graphics into the gaming world, making games much more fun. One can easily experience the AI-Processing horsepower’s that overall help in accelerating the user performance with the NVIDIA DLSS 2.0

Next Generation Shading

The concept of next-generation shading is also becoming popular, and its emergence did begin with nvidia gtx 660. The variable rate shading primarily focuses on the processing powers, on the specified areas where there is rich detail and where the performance is boosting, without actually affecting the image quality.

Mesh Shaders’ advanced gaming technology supports an array of magnitudes more objects as per scenes, which allows in the creation of the worlds that are rich and complex. The next generation shading overall helps in increase the image quality, which pushes the experience.

Concurrent Processing

Integer processing and simultaneous floating-point, together with help in enabling the GPUs, pushing it further for far more efficient processes to compute the heavy workloads of the modern games today.

Nvidia gtx 660 Performance and Price

This card performance is over the top and while playing games in the full hd settings you won’t feel any lag or frame drop issues. All graphics of some games will look superior and you will enjoy the game play on your PC. Have a look at performance chart for different games having settings 1920×1080 and DirectX 11 enabled here.

Regarding the price, it fluctuates a lot but you can get it around $500 which might be a good deal for you. During some special day you can get more discount on it .

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