February 26, 2024


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7 tips that help to charge iPhone faster

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charge iPhone faster

Have you ever noticed that your iPhone is charging slowly day by day then usual time? If yes then here we are going to share 7 tips that will help to charge iPhone faster and you can use it for a longer period.

While using iPhone, you might question yourself that how to quickly charge a iPhone?. Here are 7 working tips to help you charge your iPhone faster.

7 tips that help to charge iPhone faster

Fast iPhone charging is essential for many users, especially when they do not have time to wait long for the device to be fully charged. There are many ways to speed up the charging of your iPhone and use it as long as possible.

Below we present you some simple hacks that will help you charge iPhone faster, so without further a due have a look at these working hacks…

#1. The right charger

If you want to charge your smartphone as soon as possible, you need to use the right charger. The best option is to charge from the mains, as it is usually more powerful than a USB port on a laptop or a car charger. Wireless chargers can also be effective, but they tend to be less efficient than wired charging.

The best results are obtained with a device with fast charging, such as Quick Charge, thanks to which it is possible to receive higher voltage and current from the network, which shortens the charging time.

#2. Airplane mode

Turning off your phone while charging is one of the best ways to speed up charging. If you don’t want to turn off your device completely, turn on airplane mode to save power. Airplane mode turns off many smartphone functions, such as mobile network connections, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, which saves battery power. In this way, the device can charge much faster than in normal mode.

#3. Remove the case

If you have a case on your smartphone, it’s a good idea to remove it while charging. The case may limit air circulation around the phone, which results in increased heating and reduced charging efficiency. By removing the case, the phone will be able to cool down better, which will speed up the charging process.

#4. The right temperature

The battery charges worse in extreme temperatures, so avoid charging your smartphone in very hot or cold places. The ideal temperature for charging is room temperature, which is around 20-25 degrees Celsius. If you charge in too high or too low a temperature, the battery may be damaged or wear out faster.

#5. Turn off Data/WiFi

Many people use the internet very heavily. So if your mobile data is on or you have connected it to wi-fi then at the time of charging, just turn it off. This way, you can simply charge your iPhone in very less time and use it later for longer period.

#6. Check for Bluetooth

To make iPhone charge faster you should also check for the Bluetooth connectivity. At present time, iPhone only comes with wireless connectivity and due to this many people forgot to turn off the Bluetooth.

When this happens, your phone battery drains fastly and at the time of phone charging, you have to wait more. So better to turn it off if there is no use!!

#7. Turn off GPS

Gps is used to track a location and these in mobiles like iPhone people use it to track nearby locations, malls, cities, centers, schools and hotels. Even if they would like to travel somewhere then the GPS is a must used thing which many people forgot to turn off.

If have enabled the GPS and forgot to turn off then just turn it off and see how fast you can charge the iPhone. Not only this, this practice will increase the battery life up to 30% which you can use to watch videos, to click photos and to read more on social media platforms.

So in a nutshell: to charge your iPhone faster, use the right charger (preferably with the fast charging option), turn on airplane mode, remove the case while charging, and maintain the right temperature. Additionally you can turn off the unnecessary settings like Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-fi to increase the battery life.

So guys that’s how you can charge iPhone faster. If you know any other better hack then let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share it with others.

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