May 21, 2024


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Now iPhone will alert if you try to pair Fake Airpods

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For a long time many people would like to know how to check Apple Airpods original, and you won’t believe guys, the Apple team listen your request and added the fake Airpods detection feature in the iOS 16.

Now using this feature, users can easily find out the original Airpods and first copy of Airpods.

The Airpods scam are on the trend and nearly every local shopkeeper trying to sell the fake Airpods to customers at the original price. The issue was raised by a number of people on the Apple website and seems by iOS 16 update, users can easily find out what’s original and what’s fake!!

How iOS 16 Fake Airpods Detection Works?

Well the process to detect the Airpods is quite easy. Earlier the way to detect it by checking the serial number on the website.

But now when you turn on the Airpods for pairing then the serial number of the Airpods will be matched with the Apple’s serial number database.

If the serial number gets matched  then nothing will be notified and your Airpods will be connected successfully to the iPhone.

If something is auspicious, then a popup will be shown which will alert you that – Cannot Verify Airpods. Below the fake detection feature will also notify that These headphones could not be verified as genuine Airpods and may not behave as expected.

So here the you can easily find out that the Airpods are fake.

But guys it doesn’t mean that you cannot connect the unverified Airpods to iPhone. If you own any fake Airpods then you can use it and listen the music or make calls.

The thing is whatever you bought it is fake and someone cheated you!!

So guys that’s how to check if Airpods pro are original. This will save a lot of time and you can get an original product from the brand like Apple.

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