May 21, 2024


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Airpods Case not Charging, not light – Issue Fixed!

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Airpods Case not Charging

Why my Airpods Case not Charging is the common issue that faced by Apple users worldwide. So if you just realized that your Airpods case not showing the light and your airpods not charging then follow the given troubleshoot methods to fix this issue for free!

Sometimes when the iPhone owners want to utilise their Apple AirPods Pro headphones or  Apple AirPods earbuds, they notice that the Apple AirPods case is not charging their earphones at all at that moment.

Then it is a case of pure bad luck. Because their wireless airport charging case is unable to charge the batteries anymore, they feel upset, especially if they require the Apple AirPods to listen to a podcast or music or answer the call on their iPhone.

However, they can turn their Misfortunes around and repair the charging case error on their Apple AirPods with a few fine-tuned solutions that immediately eliminate the problems.

Airpods Case not Charging

How to fix Airpods Case not Charging?

The Apple AirPods Pro case not charging issue may not be charging without or with the orange-coloured light, as a few Apple AirPods users have observed. In some instances, there wireless AirPods earbuds will not charge fully at an even pace the majority of the time. And a few times, the right or left AirPods earbud will not charge up while the other earbud is working and charging without any issues.

A few Apple users who witness these charging case issues use an original version of the Apple AirPods. The individuals can go through every step once unless they fix the problem and initiate charging their Apple AirPods earbud battery once again.

Resetting the AirPods Case

The first and foremost action the Apple AirPods owner should take is to reset their Apple AirPods.

It is a very good first footstep towards damage control when they attempt to fix their Apple Airpod not charging in the case for any reason. Because there are not that many fine-tuning methods, they can finish without it.

If the Apple AirPods owner is resetting their earbud charging case, it will refresh the operating system. That can fix the AirPods earbud charging problem.

  • The individuals should press and hold the button given for setup on the back of their Apple AirPods case
  • Then they should let go of that switch when the light for status flashes Amber light instead of flashing white light

If this process is successful, then the AirPods battery case will start charging itself by then.


The Apple airports owners should notice whether their earbud case is clean or not. The majority of the time, dirt will be inside the wireless AirPods charging case. It happens mostly around the ports of charging. The actual bird case should be kept clean and dust-free at all times. The individuals can wipe away the dirt by utilizing a dry cloth.

They have to wipe away all the impurities because there can be a big reason why the Apple AirPods earbud case is not charging the battery correctly.

The Cables

The Apple AirPods owners have to find out if the lightning cable is plugged into the Apple AirPods case properly or not. If their lightning cables become loose or too small, they may want to replace them with a brand new one. To avoid utilizing extension cables on their Apple AirPods case. They can also check out if their power is plugged into the outlet properly or not. If not, then switch to a different port or power outlet.


If unfortunately, any of these methods are not working, the individual has to Run To The nearest Apple Store to repair or replace their current AirPods.

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