June 23, 2024


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10 Best screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max under $10

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Best screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max

Are you looking for a best screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max that are bubble free, good for the privacy and falls under $10? Well, if that’s you have been looking to protect your phone screen from minor scratch or keep it new then here’s the latest list which you consider while buying.

To find a best screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max is challenging task, but if you know what you need then you can get the right one for you. There are a plenty of stores where you can buy it and it is always better to review each and everyone 360Ā° because it is all about the protection of your phone’s screen!

Why screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max is required

Before to jumping on this, you might be wondered to know Does the iPhone 12 scratch easily?

Well… YES – the scratch on the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 pro max is possible and a number of iPhone users already mentioned it on blog feeds, apple discussion board, forums or Facebook groups and that’s the reason why people choose a screen protector.

The reason to select it is not limited to iPhone pro max. If you own any smartphone the reasons are common. So if you would like to know what a screen protector will do and why it is required then here are some valid points which makes it must buy option…

  1. It protects the screen from minor scratches and cracks.
  2. It prevent cracks and chips that can affect the touch sensitivity and functionality of the phone.
  3. Enhances the overall durability and longevity of the device.
  4. It is good for the privacy too, as some screen protectors restrict screen visibility to the user.
  5. This keep your phone in good shape and it is best thing if you are looking to trade-in old phone .

So guys as you know it is a must buy thing which keeps your phone look and design absolutely new for a long time. This will not protect your phone’s screen but also give better scores if you looking to buy a new iPhone using the exchange policy.

Now let’s have a look at how you can pick a best screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max and what brands we have recommended so you can save your money and time!!

Best screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max

Things you should consider while buying a best screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max

  1. Material: Tempered glass or plastic, both have their pros and cons. So you should check and verify its quality or you do your own research too.
  2. Transparency and clarity: Choose a protector that does not affect the display quality. The display things should be clearly visible to you while you using it.
  3. Touch sensitivity: Look for a protector that does not interfere with the touch sensitivity of the phone. So avoid any low brand or low rating protector if you are unable to open the apps or unable to answer the phone quickly.
  4. Easy installation: Consider a protector that is easy to install without leaving bubbles or dust.
  5. Compatibility with case: Some screen protectors are designed to work with specific cases. So it is better to check for the protectors always on the manufacture website. In iPhone 12 pro max, check out the Apple official store to buy 100% genuine product.
  6. Price: Choose a screen protector that fits your budget but also provides good protection. A low price and low quality product may damage your phone screen. So never ever buy it!

10 Types of screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max that you can buy

  1. Tempered Glass: A popular choice, tempered glass screen protectors are durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to apply.
  2. Privacy Screen Protector: Keep your personal information protected with a privacy screen protector that blocks prying eyes from seeing what’s on your phone.
  3. Liquid Skin: This thin, flexible film is self-healing, meaning it can recover from minor scratches over time.
  4. Film Screen Protector: Lightweight and affordable, film screen protectors provide basic protection from scratches and smudges.
  5. Edge-to-Edge: An edge-to-edge screen protector covers the entire front of your phone, providing full coverage and protection.
  6. Anti-Glare: Reduce eye strain with an anti-glare screen protector that diffuses light to reduce glare and reflections.
  7. 3D Curved: A 3D curved screen protector is designed to fit the curved edges of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, providing a seamless look and full protection.
  8. Magnetic: A magnetic screen protector attaches to the back of your phone, allowing you to use it with magnetic cases and mounts.
  9. Clear Case with Built-In Screen Protector: A 2-in-1 solution, a clear case with a built-in screen protector provides protection for both the back and front of your phone.
  10. UV Light Sanitizer: Keep your screen clean and germ-free with a UV light sanitizer that uses ultraviolet light to kill 99% of germs on the screen.

10 Best screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max under $10 from various brands

So guys here we are going to reveal abut the best screen protectors for iPhone 12 pro max. All of these offer great security and protection. They all come with an easy installation kit which you can use to install the protector on your phone screen without any air bubble or dirt.

  1. JETech Tempered Glass: Affordable and durable, this tempered glass screen protector provides great protection for a low cost. It is great for those who want privacy!
  2. amFilm Protector: This film screen protector is easy to apply and provides basic protection against scratches and smudges. This comes with easy installation kit which help you to add the protector.
  3. Spigen Liquid Skin: A self-healing film, the Spigen Liquid Skin offers protection from minor scratches at an affordable price. Its oleophobic coating makes it fingerprint resistance. You can read more about this coating here.
  4. J&D Privacy Screen Protector: It keep your information safe and secure. So if you want, only you can read the display content from front then this would be the best choice.
  5. Bisen Anti-Glare: Reduce glare and eye strain with this affordable anti-glare screen protector.
  6. Trianium Film Screen Protector: It is a pack of 3 that offers basic protection at a low cost. So anybody who need basic protection at low price , then they can look for it!
  7. Ailun Film Screen Protector: This brand provides a clear, scratch-resistant surface for your phone. Even for the back camera they offer a thin sheet which protects the camera lens from dirt and oily touch.
  8. Maxboost Liquid Skin: Another self-healing film, the Maxboost Liquid Skin offers protection from minor scratches and dings.
  9. Ferilinso Protector: This a case friendly product that offers a number of features like 9H hardness, military protective, anti-fingerprints, and comes with easy installation kit. You won’t feel any touch sensitive related issue after using it. It works like a charm!
  10. ESRV Tempered Glass: It is compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max; with precise speaker cutout and full sensor support. An ultra-clear glass ensures a flawless viewing experience and Face ID compatibility. Its special coating helps to keep your screen smudge and fingerprint free.

The price range of these iPhone 12 pro max screen protectors will vary from $5 to 10. You can choose any one as per you requirement from the offline or online stores.

Where you can buy 100% genuine screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max

The above mentioned iPhone 12 pro tempered glass protectors are availability to buy on the Amazon. Here you can get fit and fine and 100% genuine product. But in case if you would like to install a premium screen protector then you can visit the Apple store.

On Apple store you will get a compatible and best screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max. But here the price will also vary and it might cost you around $15 to $25. It also depends which color or theme your are looking for to make your phone more stylish and cool.

Final Words

The market of the screen protectors are very vast. You can find a number of varietiesĀ  from different brands worldwide.This will confuse a lot, and that’s why we complied a list which will save your money and time and you can get 100% genuine product.

Might be we missed a lot of brands but the list of screen protectors for the iPhone 12 Pro Max that we shared with you above will help you in preventing your device from becoming damaged by the scratches and dings that are unavoidable in everyday life.

For more information or suggestions – if you would like to say something related to iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector, then you can leave your feedback in the comments below for free and guys if you liked our list then don’t forget to share it with others!

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