July 24, 2024


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Bubble free iPhone 15 screen protector Listed on Alibaba

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Bubble free iPhone 15 screen protector Listed on Alibaba

Those who looking to buy high quality anti break bubble free iPhone 15 screen protector / tempered glass they can order it from Alibaba in US$0.24 only!

Though the official launch of this product is in September 2023 but you can order Esther iPhone 15 screen protector, high quality bubble free tempered glass to protect your phone’s screen from accidental drop and key scratches from the Alibaba.com.

Get Best Quality Bubble free iPhone 15 screen protector Now

Being a mobile shop owner if you would like to stock iPhone 15 tempered glasses prior to the launch of iPhone 15 series then this is best time as you can book a bulk order and get the shipping of your booked stock in just 7 days without any delay or price hike.

This way when the delivery of iPhone 15 will begin you can start selling the compatible tempered glass of iPhone 15 on your store. As it would be in stock, you can sell more and more units in less time and earn a good amount of money by selling anti break iPhone 15 screen protector.

The best thing about the iPhone 15 screen protector film is that they are compatible with 15 plus, 15 pro and 15 pro max models.

Because these screen protectors are transparent in color, so you need not to worry about the iPhone color. You can grab any protector film and apply it on the screen of your phone. The glue will help and it will stick on screen without creating air bubble!

iPhone 15 screen protector Features

  • Anti Breakable
  • Anti Scratch
  • Anti Fingerprint
  • Anti Shock
  • Easy to Apply
  • No Bubble Trouble
  • Long Lasting
  • Transparent
  • No Color change issue
  • Easy Cleanable
  • Grade AAA
  • 9H Hardness
  • Very Thin
  • Robust Protection
  • Original Touch
  • Easy Gaming
  • Case Compatible

Being a iPhone 15 screen protector supplier in your country you can upload the design of your local company while initiating the order.  You can suggest design, add logo and slogans and also add customized trending text to make iPhone 15 screen protector package more attractive and unique.

You can order any quantity and get its delivery within the 7 days.

iPhone 15 screen protector Price

The screen protector price will vary what brand your choosing + iPhone 15 model like standard, plus, pro and pro max will boost up the price cost.

Being an iPhone 15 user, the screen protector will cost you around $8 to $35.

But, if you are a shop owner and would like to earn by selling screen protectors:

  • Each unit of iPhone 15 screen protector will cost you $.24 / piece for < 10000 pieces.
  • While, if you will order in bulk (more than 10000 pieces), the cost will be around $.19 / piece.

That’s all about the Bubble free iPhone 15 screen protector.

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