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Are Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic the same?

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classic sonic vs modern sonic

Classic Sonic is the sonic from the past. He is short, more cartoonish in design, and chubbier than modern sonic. The classic version is also different in many manners if we compare it with the modern version.

We look at some of the gaps between past and present, with Sonic Forces and Sonic Generations shedding light on the series’ generational divide. Over the time, there have been prominent comparisons between both classic sonic and modern sonic at the same time.

Also, there have been major speculations about the difference between the two. In this thread we will discuss about whether the classic sonic and modern sonic are same or different in detail. So, keep reading.

classic sonic vs modern sonic

Classic Sonic vs Modern Sonic – What’s the difference?

Since both the quick Hedgehog designs are prominently featured in the game, it’s natural to compare the two, and it’s now easier than ever to explore the differences.

Although they are essentially identical, to assume that the only distinction between them is their graphics is a gross simplification. The classic Sonic and the new Sonic have a few noticeable variations.

Modern Sonic Talks

While discussing the distinctions between the two Sonics? Both have appeared on television, with sonic classic making appearances in three different shows for 133 episodes. On the other hand, Modern Sonic has the longest-running series of Sonic Boom, with 182 episodes to his credit.

Naruto Run

Sonic must have practiced the shinobi art at some stage in his long life. When classic super Sonic runs at crazy speeds, he tucks his arms tightly at his chest, presumably to reduce wind resistance.

When modern Sonic runs at full speed, on the other side, he tosses his long arms behind, drawing them behind him like a wheelbarrow he can’t let pass. Sonic’s run style has been the weapons back for a decade, but it’s difficult not to think of the Hidden Leaf Village ninjas when you see it.

They don’t have the same timeline

This is a brand-new concept from Sonic Powers, and it’ll make some fans’ heads whirl faster than Sonic’s. While both modern and classic Sonic are the identical character, they are not the similar character at two different ages, or even the same character is drawn differently in different games.

Color of the Eyes

When more than half of the game consists of a zoomed-in camera following a hedgehog running at breakneck speeds, determining the Hedgehog’s eye color can be challenging. Fortunately, when a level is completed, Sonic’s good close-up is shown, and the levels have been completed by players much superior to me.

Sonic has always had solid black eyes with a white pupil, a common 2D character design option. 3D Sonic, on the other hand, debuted with brand-new, bold, and revolutionary Green eyes. Forces, of course, reflect the eye colors, with both Sonics sporting their iconic hue.

Modern talks of Sonic

Only one version of Sonic responds to Tails’ mission details, although both Sonic versions receive it. Modern Sonic often responds to Tails or other characters or makes casual remarks. He moves around the map, implying that he speaks to himself or even directly to the player.

Sonic the Hedgehog does not speak or have a voice actor in the game. It’s understandable, given that the character never had a voice in the original games.

Who is faster classic Sonic or modern Sonic?

No doubt, the modern sonic is faster than the classic sonic. The speed of modern sonic is 7 times of the speed of light which is super-fast.


The two are from different dimensions of Sonic Forces. This means that the adventures of the 2D games and the adventures of the 3D games are not from the same period in the ever-changing Sonic canon. Instead of being adventures in chronological order, the two Sonics have lived in parallel.

A minute of silence is observed in honor of any fan or professional who has spent countless hours attempting to decipher the Sonic timeline.

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