May 21, 2024


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iPhone 11 64GB / 4GB | 12 MP | Price Drop | Big Discount

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iphone 11 64gb, 4gb ram, 12mp camera

Are you guys looking to buy an iPhone that is good in the camera quality and that comes with a powerful Hardware?

Well guys now there is an opportunity which you can grab to buy iPhone in the budget range. This will cost you around somewhere $399 and you can further reduce the price by availing the bank credit card or debit card offers!

As you know at present to Apple has launched the iPhone 14 but some college students and people cannot afford it. And here they look for the budget solutions or opt for Android phone.

But what if they still want to use an iPhone? What is the solution?

There are plenty of iPhone series available in the market right now and among them one of the best and most demanding and selling product is the iPhone 11.

In this post, I’m going to reveal how you can get the iPhone 11 under dollar $399?

So if are you excited to know how you can get the iPhone 11 in such a low price tag? then keep reading below and find out how to and from where to get it!!

iPhone 11 64GB / 4GB

Apple launched the iPhone 11 in three different segments that is iPhone 11 Standard Version, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro max.

Here I’m going to reveal about the iPhone 11  standard variant.

Regarding the specs, I will say it is a quite decent product and still beats many flagship Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9, Oneplus 9r etc.

From the specs point of view the iPhone comes in 64GB 128 GB and 256gb and it is packed with a decent 12 megapixel camera that is capable to shoot videos and photos.

The camera of iPhone 11 is the big highlight as it clicks the colors pictures in natural style natural with details. Upon zoom, you can see how cool is the iPhone 11 camera.

Those who love to post Instagram videos they can still get the benefit using the iPhone 11 as its camera is awesome and no  other brand can compete it in this price segment!

This phone is quite enough to do your daily works and it handles each and every task very smartly. You don’t have to worry about how this will work just leave it to the A13 bionic chip and it will take care of everything in just a snap.

Additionally it comes with iOS 13 but at the present time you can easily upgrade it to 16.3.

So upon buying you can get an update and you can simply download the update in your system and your iPhone 11 will be smoothly work without an issue.

As your smartphone now comes with latest iOS so you are sure to that you are getting better security and privacy. With this, you can try out the new features of iOS 16.3.

In the market you will get you will get 6 color options in iPhone 11 that is black, green, yellow, purple, red, and white. So these six colors you will get in the iPhone 11 and the price difference would be slightly different as per the demand of the color in market.

iPhone 11 64GB  Price Drop

Now here I am going to just discuss about the base model of the iPhone 11 that is iPhone 11 with 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM.

The current price of this smartphone is somewhere around $549. But if you would like to get in the budget, then how you can do this? Let’s discuss it here

At the current time,  iPhone discount is running which will reduce the cost to $399…

As I am leaving in India, So there are some of the websites like Flipkart, Amazon, provide discount offers time to time and this time the offer is live on the Flipkart where it’s MRP is priced at Rs 43,900 which is nearly equal to $529…

But there is a slightly discount has been offered by the vendor which  keeps the price down to 38,000. The price actually slightly up and down depends on what event is going on in the a particular area but I have checked it many times, the prices somewhere comes at Rs 38,000.

In the last four or five months it was priced at 34,000 and many people purchased it in the 26,000 by trading the old Android or iPhone.

iPhone Discount

Okay so now the current price you have to check, you have to continuously check the website for 15 to 20 days and when the price drops at 38,000 then you steal the deal under $399.

So now if you have your old iPhone or if you own any other Android phone then you can take the benefit of the exchange offer and using that you can lower down the cost of your iPhone 11.

For an example –  if you own an iPhone 7 then you can trade this on the Flipkart and it will further reduce the cost down to 7000. Here the final price of your phone would be somewhere around 31,000.

In addition to that, you can further take the benefit of the bank credit for debit card offers and you can further reduce the price by 1,000 to 1500.  This way you can take the iPhone at your home in just 29,500 or $359.

I have taken the example of iPhone 7, but if you own iPhone 8 or iPhone X then you can even get more discount up to Rs 20,000.

So are you excited for the iPhone 11?

Well this is the time to get it now and full-fill for your dream!!

Final Words

Just to end up –  I will highlight one point that you will get the iPhone 64 GB variant along with the lighting cable to charge your phone.

The charger adapter you have to buy from the Apple official site, do not buy it from any of the third party site as it may damage your phone.

So to maintain the warranty, I would like to advise you that only by the genuine charger from the Apple. It will nearly cost you around $20 extra but it would be a worthy and will keep your phone life healthy for a long time!

So that’s all about how you can get the iPhone 11 under the $399.  You can take the benefit of the discount and get a very well product in your hand from a brand like Apple.

If you’re thinking to gift it to someone then yes that is the best time!

What do you think about the Apple iPhone 11 discount? Would you take it or just leave it?

Please let us know in the comments and feel free to share it with other guys on social media sites. Your 1 share will be very helpful for me and it will keep growing my blog – Thank you have fun!

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