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PimpAndHost internet archive website

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PimpAndHost internet archive website

PimpAndHost internet archive is popular portal to host images and videos among the bloggers. You can access it directly using the PimpAndHost URL. Due to some reasons Google and Bing have de-indexed it and can’t be accessed from the search results but direct access is possible using the VPN.

So, if you want to access the PimpAndHost internet archive then we will let you know how to discover in time by dusting off pages, articles, images, and links from the web’s attic. This practical guide will explain how to use PimpAndHost Wayback at maximum power.

We will see all the techniques that will appeal to SEO consultants, webmasters, journalists, bloggers, youtubers, graphic designers, and serious internet users.

PimpAndHost internet archive website

What is PimpAndHost internet archive?

PimpAndHost internet archive is a giant digital library that contains over 300 billion web pages. This is in use since 1996 by the non-profit organization Internet Archive. It is a popular image and video sharing platform like imgur or anonsharer .

Being a blogger or YouTuber, the photo sharing sites are still being searched out by people and one of which is PimpAndHost. It contains the data of live cam, popular videos, images of animals like cat and dogs!

So overall all digital stuff related to social media sites that you can share with your friends can be accessed here for free without any subscription.

Internet Archive: What is it

The primary aim is to provide universal access to all valuables of PimpAndHost Wayback. Therefore, to build an information heritage to be made available to researchers, historians, teachers and students.

Like Google, the PimpAndHost Internet Archive has its tireless crawlers that scans the web by capturing the current snapshots of the web pages encountered.

Thanks to the memory machine we can browse how a site has changed over time and, if desired, also resurrect not only the deleted URLs but many of the areas that are not online today.

Let’s see briefly how to take the first steps on the internet Wayback and then move on to its lesser-known, but no less attractive features.

Features of the PimpAndHost Website

The web portal PimpAndHost offers a number of cool and interesting features. These latest features will help you while uploading images or videos. So, have a look at what PimpAndHost offers to users:

  • It supports latest BMP, GIF, JPEG, image format.
  • You can upload a high-quality image, wallpaper of up to 5MB for free.
  • You can create an image album and folders if you have a PimpAndHost account.
  • You can even edit the images and animate or render a video file.
  • The website is completely safe from malicious malware.
  • You can easily change the uploaded images without technical difficulties with the very cool pimping feature.

So that’s all about PimpAndHost features. This works normally like other sites and if you unable to access it in your country or the access is prohibited then we recommend you please open it via a secure VPN like nordVPN or Avast secureline vpn.

How to use PimpAndHost internet archive to retrieve the pages

Great, it’s time to get on the time machine. Here’s how to use the internet archive to get the access:

  1. Type the PimpAndHost URL in the search bar of browser.
  2. Retrace the timeline to the left to go back to the first catches
  3. Click in the year of you are interested.
  4. Check the available snapshots.
  5. Select the available catches, coloured in blue or green.

As you can see, it’s all too easy. We, therefore, discovered that our corporate website was saved 205 times between 2007 and 2021. The number of screenshots seems to be proportional to fame and authority.

Not surprisingly, pages from the likes of Google or Bing or Amazon are also captured more than 30 times in a span of 30 days. And there are other tools or ecommerce websites who also capture the screenshot when you access them!

Find out when and how much a page has changed.

Thanks to the PimpAndHost archive, we brought the 2014 Netting homepage back to life. What if we told you this is just the beginning in the whole digging?

After retrieving a webpage, we can make a direct comparison between them and the other archived versions of the webpages and even get a measure of how much the design or functionality has been changed over the years.

Now let’s talk about the changes section, the heart of Wayback.

Although this is a beta and new feature, it offers some really interesting & cool practical ideas for many activities. Searching for a specific URL we get the history of the available catches.

What does the Changes section look like?

Once a certain screenshot has been selected, the other screens will take different color depending on the degree of similarity: grey when they are identical.

A scale that varies from yellow to blue as diversity increases. Thus, through the scale of variations, we immediately understand when a page has been modified and the intensity of the change.

What does the PimpAndHost internet archive variation scale look like?

The next step will be to start the comparison and wait a few seconds. As if by magic, we will get the two selected versions compared in the same window PimpAndHost Wayback. The beauty is that the tool reports add to the content in yellow while deleting content marked in blue.

As an example, we did a test on the landing page of a well-known product, discovering the recent change of background and the above-the-fold section.

If you are a web designer analyst, you can take advantage and see the changes in graphics and layout. For journalists, bloggers, and copywriters, it becomes the right place to analyse any article reviews.

Furthermore, the SEO executives and marking managers can feed the sitemap and robots.txt URLs by checking the website historical evolution and easily discover the changes made through the highlights.

Counteract plagiarism with the Save Page function

Inside the internet archive home, the saved page function is quite useful in many cases. Above all, when we need to prove the intellectual property of a certain content in the PimpAndHost archives. By putting a page into the historical archive, we have solid and irrefutable evidence against plagiarism. Not bad right?

A useful solution not only for corporate blogs but for all those who work in content marketing and publishing. The only requirement is not to have robots.txt blocks, but we will see this later.

If you plan to use this feature often, you can evaluate this alternative or an excellent extension for Google Chrome and this will be very useful and profitable.

Discover all old images and documents on a site

For each archived domain, we can recover all the resources present with a single click. Here are how to get the folder containing all the archived URL / files of a certain domain, just type:

Continuing with the examples, you can see all the URLs captured on our domain PimpAndHost archives. The next step is to filter the URLs by choosing the type of file extension we need (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .pdf, and so on).

Pay attention to the columns that declare the number of catches, duplicates, and unique. With a little cunning, we can use it in combination with the Changes section to get the number of changes made on a page PimpAndHost.

How to delete a site from the PimpAndHost internet archive

The right to be forgotten is sacrosanct. To prevent your website from ending up in the archive, you will need to intervene through robots.txt by adding these two lines:

It also appears to have a retroactive effect. Alternatively, you can write an email to indicating that they should remove the URL of the site.

PimpAndHost for SEO

The situations in which you can use Wayback PimpAndHost in support of SEO are numerous. It will prove very useful for:

  1. Find old content and removed the URL.
  2. Find links to redirect.
  3. Analyze site changes following traffic changes.
  4. Check the evolution of robots.txt and sitemap over time.
  5. Discover changes in the structure of the site and URLs.

Check for tracking codes

Evaluate the history of an expired domain before purchasing it. Again, observing the pages’ history, we get practical insights to investigate traffic crashes that occurred after a badly managed migration or an algorithmic update.

The limits of PimpAndHost internet archive

Nobody is perfect; let alone the way back to the internet. By gaining experience with the tool, you will find that many times the captures are not complete.

Let’s try to explain why?

Very often it is a question of servers such as non-executable javascript and server-side image maps. The missing URLs, on the other hand, could represent orphaned pages or some blocks that occurred in the scan attempt.

Also, in this case, the same Google principle applies, according to which the simpler the HTML is, the better the work of the crawlers will be.

Well that’s all about the PimpAndHost internet archive  website. If you have any questions regarding this image uploading and sharing website then comment us below and don’t forget to share it with others!

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