May 21, 2024


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Bitcoin whitepaper is hidden on every Apple MacBook with recent versions of macOS

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Bitcoin whitepaper is hidden on every Apple MacBook with recent versions of macOS

An independent blogger by the name of Andy Baio released an article on his Waxy Blog in which he revealed that every version of macOS, starting with Mojave 10.14.0 and continuing up to the most recent version, holds a copy of the fundamental Bitcoin white paper that was written by Satoshi Nakamoto.

When a user of a Mac enters a simple command in the terminal, all nine pages documenting Nakamoto’s invention will appear in a PDF version in the built-in picture viewer known as Preview.

A blogger has found the Bitcoin White Paper tucked away on all versions of macOS 10.15 and later

Supporters of bitcoin made the discovery on April 5th, the claimed birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto, that many Macintosh machines running the macOS operating system include a complete version of the original Bitcoin white paper. The discovery was made during the celebration of the alleged birthday.

The first discovery was made public in a blog post written by Andy Baio titled “The Bitcoin White Paper Is Hidden in Every Modern Copy of macOS.” The blog post was published on the Waxy Blog. The independent blogger discovered the hidden file while he was working on his printer, and he validated his findings by speaking with “over a dozen Mac-using friends to confirm” his findings.

According to Baio’s explanation, in order for the Bitcoin PDF to open in Preview on a Mac, the command must first be typed into the terminal. The Mac must also be running macOS 10.15 or a later version. Those readers who are unfamiliar with the macOS terminal can benefit from the blogger’s further instructions, which detail how to obtain the file by going through the library folder of the operating system.

“Why, out of all the documents that exist in the world, did you choose the Bitcoin white paper?” In a post on his blog, Baio posed the question. In addition, Baio found out that the Bitcoin white paper has been uncovered and discussed in the Apple community discussions forum in the past.

In spite of this, the information has not been shared with the Bitcoin community in the past five years. Following the publication of Baio’s blog entry, the news quickly spread throughout the various social media platforms.

The cryptocurrency community is happy by Apple’s decision to conceal the Bitcoin white paper within the operating system, even though no one knows exactly why the company made the decision. Further investigation by News revealed that the white paper file could be found on both of the Macs utilized by our news desk.

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