May 21, 2024


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iPhone 13 mini keeps focusing/unfocusing while using camera

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iPhone 13 mini camera focus

It has been seen many times that when users use the camera app on iPhone 13 mini then it keeps focusing or unfocusing. So if you are facing it too then you are not alone and if you would like to how to fix then here’s what you should to solve it quickly.

Guys that’s not an issue, this is how the camera works.

Many people suggest that restart the phone and your issue will be fixed. But friends this is not true!!

Your iPhone 13 mini camera is focusing or unfocusing is the feature which is made for those who don’t know anything about the photography. So if you don’t like then you can just simply disable the auto-focus feature of camera on your iPhone and this will be solved.

However for quality photos with blurred background, this option is best.

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