July 24, 2024


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9 Best Piratebay3 Alternatives when this site is down!

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Piratebay3 is a leading torrent website to download movies, games, songs, windows, Linux OS, antivirus products, eBooks, online courses, and more. This works for free and using a secure VPN it can be accessed easily from anywhere. Though downloading of digital content from this site is prohibited in some countries hence we have come up with some alternatives that you can use to download the content.

In the current world we are living in, there are plenty of options on the web out there in terms of games, music, TV shows etc. Specially in the past few years, the frequency of these shows and games have drastically increased, hence we must have some best torrent alternates available with us.

Imagine being in an excellent hustle for sharing or accessing files, and The PirateBay goes down due to specific errors. This is the harsh truth with the torrent sites, going up and down quite regularly. So, to sort out your problem we have searched a lot of sites like thepiratebay3 and finally compiled a list of best PirateBay3 alternatives.

These sites are awesome and can be accessed easily from anywhere! It is best if you access the thepiratebays3 websites using a secure VPN. A VPN like Avast secureline or this VPN for firestick users keeps your footprints hide and won’t expose your IP address.


9 Piratebay3 Alternatives that you must try

The PirateBay was found 16 years back, and at present, it is running on the piratebay3.org domain name. It is currently at the top of the list of the best torrent sites. But often, if the Piratebay3 goes down, these 9 alternatives can fill up the gap of The Pirate Bay.

#1. Pirate Bay Proxies

This is the best alternative to Piratebay3, and it’s always on work, whenever you need it. These piratebay3 proxy servers are the intervening servers that let the users access the website without revealing the actual IP address to the websites. The various Piratebay3 proxy available is the best substitute for the fans of The Pirate Bay.

#2. Lime Torrents

Many users and fans of the Bit Torrent world like and mostly visits the Lime Torrent site. The site offers a category of numerous torrents like Music, TV Shows, Games, and so much more. The links according to each type are present, say the bottom of the site in the form of buttons, and also the homepage of this alternative to piratebay3.org displays multiple options along with a search bar, making it one of the best substitutes.

#3. Kater.co

The Kater.co is one of the most popular and best Torrent sites on the internet. It was initially known as Kickass Torrents (KAT), but the operators later modified it to Kater.co. The KAT could sort the torrents into categories based on age, size, date, and much more.

#4. 1337x

The fact that makes 1337x the best alternative to the PirateBay3 is that, unlike other torrent sites, 1337x is a reliable substitute and doesn’t go down quite often. The site has a huge variety of torrents of different types of movies, games, and others, and these categories are linked with tabs at the bottom of the home page. The site has an easy-to-use interface, and the secondary domain x1337x.se can also be used in its main domain 1337x.to is going down, or the website can also be visited using 1337x proxy sites.

#5. Zooqle

It is an alternative site to visit when Pirate Bay is down. With each passing day, Zooqle has been showing outstanding performance and gaining its name on the list of the best torrent sites. Almost like the Pirate Bay 3, torrents related to various categories can be easily found here, and also it has certain unique features which can be found nowhere. Along with the types of torrents, Zooqle provides information on the torrents.

#6. Rarbg

Though this site is less popular, it works equally impressive. If you ever face any issue with the PirateBay3, then you should head on for Rarbg. It has a modest user interface and multiple torrent files. However, the site displays a lot of advertisements, which becomes hard for specific users.

#7. Torrent Galaxy

This site comes with an easy-to-use interface and a popular alternative to The Pirate Bay. This torrent site is well known for hosting multiple links related to movies and only TV shows. The file size and every other detail are listed on the homepage of this site. And a unique feature of Torrent Galaxy is that it lets the user search movies with its IMDB ID.

#8. The Internet Archive

This torrent site is a 100% safe substitute for Pirate Bay. This is an entirely legal website that hosts the media files as torrents too. The direct download links are given along the right sidebar of the site.

#9. Ru Tracker

Last but not least is RuTracker. Though it is a famous Russian site, it also hosts lots of content on almost all the popular ranges. Earlier it was known as Torrents.ru.

The interface may be a little confusing for specific users as the information is presented in a disciplined manner, but still, the contents are divided into mainly two categories. This site has extensive torrent links, and it is most commonly used as an alternative to the piratebay3 proxy.

Wrapping Up

These alternatives can be used in case the Piratesbay3 isn’t working. But also make sure to check other reasons, like if your ISP had been blocked the Pirate Bay, or you are behind any proxy.

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