June 12, 2024


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5 Things Less Tech-Savvy Mac Owners Should Learn

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Learning the intricacies of a new computer can be quite difficult, especially if you switch to a different operating system.

Even people who have years with technology sometimes struggle, and it is understandable. For example, if you have been using MS Windows all your life, transitioning to macOS is not necessarily that simple.

Of course, it helps if you take a proactive approach and invest time and effort in learning various things, but some people just let things take a natural course and learn as they go.

Regardless of the approach, if you are not that tech-savvy but still want to get better at using a MacBook, it is recommended to build a solid foundation.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a list of some key fundamentals that more Mac users ought to know. And from there, you can build on your experience.

Problems With the OS

Let’s start with an operating system. Overall, there are hardly any issues with macOS, particularly its latest versions. You might run into a problem here and there, like macos monterey not installing properly, but that is usually fixed with a quick restart of a computer.

What is worth noting about operating systems, and not just on MacBooks, is that you need to update them as soon as a new version is out. Treat this idea as a rule of thumb because missing the latest OS version also means missing:

  • Features
  • Performance improvements
  • Security fixes

An update should not take too long, but if it does, wait for the new version to download and install before you commit to using the computer.

Finally, if you notice that there are problems with the overall performance of your MacBook, giving it a clean slate in the form of reinstalling the operating system is worth considering. 

Overheating and Loud Noises

Macs are known for their performance, but you should not neglect to take care of the device. In time, you are bound to notice that there are some problems with the overall performance, which is expected.

You are not going to be doing any favors to the computer by neglecting to take care of it as well. As soon as you notice that the laptop is overheating, treat it as a sign that there is too much dust inside your MacBook.

Cleaning the filth inside is tricky because you have to take the MacBook apart, and hardly anyone with no prior experience is going to risk it, understandably so. In such cases, it is better to pay someone who knows what they are doing.

You might also hear about cooling pads. The accessory is great, but you should not rely entirely on it because the main cause behind overheating and loud noises is usually the dust inside a computer.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are another interesting aspect that you need to figure out as a MacBook user. Efficiency in using the device helps users save time, and relying on keyboard shortcuts instead of the trackpad or mouse is a great example of efficiency.

Of course, if you have been using MS Windows before, you should already be familiar with some keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, but the basics are not necessarily enough to consider yourself an efficient user, especially on an operating system that is alien to you.

If you wish to learn MacBook keyboard shortcuts, you need to visit the official Apple support page and look at the list of all the available shortcuts. Start by picking a few you find the most relevant and work on finger memory to learn them. Once you are confident, select another bunch and rinse and repeat. 

Application Management

Managing applications on macOS is not that difficult once you figure out the basics. For many tasks, integrated tools ought to do the trick. GarageBand, iMovie, Spotlight, and Finder are some of the key applications that are part of macOS.

As soon as you run into a problem and want a solution, check the official App Store, as you are bound to find an application that suits your needs. And keep in mind that you are better off sticking to the official App Store rather than seeking solutions on third-party sites because they are not necessarily that reliable.

If there are specific performance or technical problems related to an application, checking the FAQ page or getting in touch with support should be enough if you cannot find a solution yourself by googling it.

Data Backups

The last thing to mention is data backups. You should not leave the safety of MacBook files to chance. Instead, be smart and back up the data using Time Machine or iCloud.

Both methods are valuable. It usually comes down to preferences. If you want a more digital approach, cloud storage is the way to go. And if you trust physical hardware more, then combining Time Machine with an external HDD is the way to go.

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