May 21, 2024


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CS11 Error Amazon on iPhone – (12 Solutions) | Fix it Now

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Fix now CS11 Error Amazon on iPhone

While ordering products on Amazon app you might have faced with CSS 11 error.  This error looks like Sorry something went wrong we ‘re working on fixing it (CS11).

And below this error message, you will get a button which will take you to the Amazon home page.  So now the question is, When you face this type of error while shopping on the Amazon app then how you can get rid of this and continue the shopping?

This is a common error that faced by a million of users worldwide on their smartphones.  So it doesn’t matter you are on the Android phone or using an iPhone you may face this error anytime while ordering something from the Amazon app.

Recently it has been also seen that the CS11 error issue  raised by Jeff Bezos,  who is the founder of the  When the trend began on Twitter with #CS11 error,  then the developers of these app noticed it and they start working on this to resolve.

But guys do you know what you should do when you are getting CS 11 Amazon?  If you don’t have any idea regarding how to fix these error at your end then here we are to help you.

We will let you know about the 12 best and working solutions which you can implement to fix the CS 11 error instantly.  So are you excited to learn about these awesome techniques and tricks?  Let’s begin…


12 Solutions to Fix CS11 Error Amazon on iPhone

#1. 4G and 5G issue

The error might come on your iPhone due to the 4G or 5G issue.  If your phone has 4G or 5G whatever the internet or data plan you are using, you must check your Internet working or not.

You can check by opening the another app or website, you can even check the speed of your 4G or 5G data and make sure your getting full signals at your location.

If something is wrong with your data speed then the possible reason is that you will 100% get CS 11 error while shopping on the Amazon.  So it is always advised to users,  proceed with a working internet connection or where the availability of signals are full.

#2. Wi-Fi issue

Many people use Wi-Fi connection while shopping on different platforms. There are some places where you prefer to use Wifi over the 4G or 5G services.  And here guys, if you are on Wi-Fi then you must check is it working or not?

If something is wrong with your router or it is showing red signal then it means that your internet is not in the working condition and you here you have to look for working Wi-Fi connection or you can shift to the mobile data  and continue the order process on the Amazon app!

  • Go to Settings > Cellular, then turn on Cellular Data OR
  • You can turn on the mobile data on iPhone from panel.

#3. Maintenance

For the proper functionality of the app, the developers keep update the app regularly. If something is going in the back-end like some maintenance work is going on…. then the possibility is that you might face the CS11 error.

So in this case, to get rid of the CS 11 error you have to wait for sometimes and later you can start again in just few minutes.

Normally the maintenance take only few minutes so  keep patience,  sit tight,  and try again.  I hope this will resolve your error  and you can start shopping again on the Amazon platform.

#4. Server Client connectivity issue

This issue is something like that you are trying to ping your request but your server is not able to accept it. So here,  client server problem appears and when this happens then you sure sure get CS 11 error on the Amazon app.

The server client connectivity issue can be caused due to a number of reasons like:

  • Poor internet connectivity at your end,
  • Something is wrong at the server end.
  • Connection between both is not working properly
  • Wire breaking might be another issue.
  • It can be due to equipment failure or not working properly.
  • There might be a problem at your ISP and.

Here you can find a plenty of reasons why the connectivity not working.  A lot of persons involved in this and when this happens, it is hard to figure out who is responsible for this and this is the serious issue because it might take some time because the source is unknown.

And guys seriously you can’t do anything in that you just can report the problem to Amazon team that I am getting this type of error what might be the reason?

Here the team of Amazon will figure out, Are you only single person who facing this error or there are other people who have reported the same error from the same location?

So that is a serious concern which might take sometime as the source is unknown but they will fix it as soon as possible. It may take up to 48 hours!!

#5. Amazon down

It might be chances that Amazon is down so if this is happening then guys you can’t do anything at your end. You have to just wait for sometime until the issue get resolved.

To confirm about that is Amazon down?

  • You can check for the sister websites like etc.  Because all are on the same network so if Amazon server downs,  then the app, website, and alternate websites will also slow down.
  • You can check about Is the Amazon server down or not on the If something is wrong it will notify that we are unable to reach!!
  • Alternatively  you can get the latest update on the Twitter. If something is going wrong, then you will ultimately catch the trend of #Amazondown.

That is happening?  Just try again for 1 to 2 hours!!

#6. Bug/Code Error

A bug is something in the app that can cause the CS 11 error.  Amazon are release the app for both Android or iOS a devices. So if you are on the iPhone, then the possible reason is that the app version that they have uploaded on the Apple App store has some issues.

To cross check  you can download the same app on the Android phone and proceed to buy a product.  And if you are getting the same error then it might be a  seen that team has uploaded a corrupted version of Amazon app.

To solve these you have to  re-download the old version of the app on your iPhone device.

#7. Outdated app

An outdated app can cause this problem and lot of other problems. If that is happening, then guys please check out the current version of your app and if it is not updated then just update it  from the Apple app store.

#8. Outdated OS

Like APP you might have forgot to update your iPhone.  So guys if you have any pending notification regarding the operating system update,  then it’s time to download the latest version of the iOS like iOS 16.  It will not only resolve the CS 11 error of the Amazon app but also optimize your phone to the next level.

This way you not only solve the error but also improve the overall performance of your iPhone and it is also good for the security and privacy!

#9. Cache issue

Sometimes  in the phone cache create a big problem.  So it is always recommended by the expert to clear the phone’s cache time to time. Guys if you recently forgot to clear the iPhone then it’s time to clear it. Here’s how you can perform this action:

  • Tap on Amazon app and select the Info option.
  • After that, just tap on Clear Data option.
  • And now, it’s time to hit Clear Cache option.

#10. Check permissions

When you download and app on your phone then it ask for the some permissions and guys the chances might be that you forgot to provide some permissions that are required for the proper functioning of the app and that’s why you are getting CS 11 error.

So guys in this case you can reinstall the app once again and provide the all required permissions that are necessary to run the app smoothly.

#11. Restart app

A restart of an app can fix a lot of issues. So if you haven’t restarted your app for a long time, then you can stop it and restart again.

How you can stop an app on iPhone and open it?

  1. To quit the app, open the App Switcher, swipe right to find the app, then swipe up on the app.
  2. To reopen the app, go to the Home Screen (or App Library), then tap the app.

#12. Restart the phone

That is the first thing that many people do.

It is the one of the simple solutions among that I have provided above.  If non of the solution works then finally you can restart your phone.

This will clear cache, notify you about updates and if something is pending then you can complete it then it to fix the Cs11 error issue.

So if you guys haven’t to restarted your phone then it’s time to reboot it again.

That’s all about the CS11 Error Amazon iPhone solutions!!

These are some of the working and valid solutions that I have read on many blogs and YouTube videos.  Even some of the experts agree with the solutions!

But guys if you still unable to resolve this error then the last and final thing you can do you can escalate the problem to the Amazon team.

You can  reach Amazon team via toll free number or you can even contact them via email or you can ping them on the Facebook groups.

The team of the Amazon is very responsible they will definitely check your issue and will contact you and help you into resolve your problem related to CS11 error so you can continue shopping on the Amazon app.

Till then guys you can continue with above working solutions and  and if you like our efforts then guys please do share it with others on the social networking websites  Facebook, Reddit, Whatsapp, Twitter etc!

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